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Assem Hamsho is an independent photojournalist from Syria, currently living in France. Between 2013–2015, he worked with Syrian refugees who are still living in camps in Lebanon, particularly women and children. Primarily, this work was in helping them access education. 

Hamsho's first photo diary of the name At the Edge of the World documented the daily life of Syrian women in Bekaa, Lebanon, home to one of the poorest refugee camps in the country. These photographs were exhibited for the first time in Paris in 2016, and are also assembled on his website here.

Hamsho has since moved to live in Paris, where he continues to capture moments of  European cities, including Berlin, Amsterdam and more.

What Hamsho always looks for is to share his photos with new people in order show them a new perspective on the world around them, no matter how near or far they may be from the subjects of his photographic work.



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